Reynoldson Reserve

Reynoldson Reserve is approximately 29kms north of Wongan Hills, situated on the Old Ballidu Road. To get to the Reserve head north on the Northam/Pithara Road and turn right onto the Kondut SE Road (just before Kondut) and then make a right onto the Old Ballidu Road (gravel road), the Reserve is approximately 2km along this road on the left hand side.

There is a trail through the Reserve which you can drive along (caravans not allowed) or you can walk through. The trail has 11 interpretive signs as well as 2 main boards with history of the Reserve. Allow an hour to walk along the trail & stop to view the massive garden of colours, shapes and sizes with scarcely room to tread.

This is a truly amazing reserve from late October to early December when the several varieties of Verticordia are in flower as well as other species of plants.

Flora: Verticordia chrysantha, Verticordia eriocephala, Verticordia monadelpha, Verticordia picta, Verticordia pritzelii, Verticordia venusta, Verticordia wonganesis, Grevillea sp., Xylomelum angustifolium, Persoonia sp. and more.