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  1. John Godfrey says:

    Hi … we are looking at coming to Wongan Hills in about 3 weeks time (after September 8) and are wondering about the ‘readiness’ of the wildflowers. From your information it looks like there is a full day of walks and photographing to do … so that is the plan …

    I’d appreciate some idea of the correctness of my information gathering for the day there and what the current wildflower status is at the moment

  2. John Godfrey says:

    Hi … The Wongan Hills Nature Reserve looks like it is 4 or AW drive only .. can you please confirm that a 2 WD will be able to get to the reserve?

  3. Ken Sibley says:

    hoping to come and stay at Lake Ninan around the 24th Sept for three days or so.
    Can you tell me is there any restrictions on camping there , is there restrictions on open camp fires at that time of year and do we need to supply our own wood for the fires.
    Or do we have to contact the shire regards camping at Lake ninan.
    lastly the wild flowers in the region , would the end of September be to late to view them or not.
    Any way hope you can help me out with my questions.

  4. Hilary Sanderson says:

    To Carol Argent

    Dear Carol
    Would you have a map of Wongan Hills townsite you could email me please? I would like to put it on the Action Outdoors Association website for the participants of the weekend Gilbert and I am organising on 23rd September.

    Many thanks

    Tillie Sanderson

  5. Carolyn Gee says:

    I was born and brought up in Wongan Hills. My Uncle, Ken Woodall, died last year and the family has recently sorted out the contents of his house. I ended up with boxes of old photographs which I have now (finally!) sorted and scanned onto my computer. Our family originally moved to Wongan in 1913 and there are numerous old farm shots as well as a number of pictures of the town itself over the years. I wondered if there was anybody interested in copies of these photos as I can’t find an email contact for the Wongan historical society? (I can only find the state email address .)
    Carolyn Gee

  6. Miho Masel says:

    Flora Book: Threatened, poorly known and other flora of Wongan-Ballidu, Dec 2006, $20

    I would like to purchase the above book. Please let me know if the copy is still available and the price including handling charge and postage. Also let me know the payment method (check or credit card).

    Thank you,
    Miho Masel

  7. Kevin Sear. says:

    Good morning,
    We are seeking information on wildflowers in your area.
    Your advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  8. Aileen Watt says:

    Hi, Will the Visitor’s Centre be open this Sunday 25 Sept? Also, what are the best spots to go to see wildflowers please?

  9. Emily Dawson says:

    Dear Tourist Office,
    We plan to do a trip to include visits to the 3 bush reserves just north of Wongan Hills, next
    Sun. Are the wildflowers still looking good?
    Thank you,
    Emily Dawson

  10. Roz butterworth says:

    I would like to thank the delightful gentleman who gave me directions to wildflowers on the morning of Saturday 8th October. I would like to come back next weekend to see the shirt orchids which I missed today because I broke my phone and got a puncture. Do you think they will still be out? Regards, Roz

  11. Marianne Wolters says:

    On behalf of the CMCA Willie Wagtail chapter (solos) I am enquiring if there is a facility available in Wongan Hillis for hire for the 10 to 14th August. We require a small hall with toilet facilities and possibly showers as well. There will possibly be 10 motorhomes.

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